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My pet has fleas . . .

flea control

Pet fleas? Learn about getting rid of fleas with flea control from e-healthy-homes.com If you have a pet, chances are it has fleas, and if you spot just one flea, you can be assured there are many more unseen.

 If your pet has fleas, so does your home!

Here's a simple test to check your pet: 

 flea controlWhen fleas bite, tiny specks of dried blood form in your pet's coat at the spots where they were bitten.  If you brush or comb through your pet's coat onto a damp, white of paper towel, and the flecks coming off of the brush or comb turn red, your pet has fleas! 

 Here's another test you can use by checking a room in your home:

 Choose a room that your pet has not entered for several days and wear a pair of white socks into that room.  Fleas are attracted to vibrations and the vibrations caused by your footsteps will cause them to jump toward you looking for a meal.

 Your white socks will expose the fleas as they attach themselves.  If you see just a few fleas, you probably have a relatively large infestation problem to take care of and the adult fleas that you find are the smallest part of the problem.  Their un-hatched eggs and already hatched larvae outnumber them by a wide margin.

 Until recently, flea eradication has been complicated, costly and and dangerous.  Now, it couldn't be simpler.

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